I've been taking pictures since I was 8 when I was given a Kodak 126 Instamatic (remember those?). Later I inherited a 35mm SLR but in recent years I'd fallen out with photography in favour of video because I was always frustrated by the lack of control over the outcome of chemical photography. I never had a darkroom and so was at the mercy of the photo lab for my pictures.

Then in 1997 I bought a Kodak DC120 digital camera and since then I've taken more pictures than ever before and been happier with the results. The darkroom? - my home PC and a laptop that goes with me on my travels. It's funny how Kodak have been instrumental in both my introductions to photography...


Since 1997, I've gone through quite a number of progressively better digital cameras - an Olympus C-1400L (1.4MP fixed lens SLR), the Sony DSC-D700 and DSC-D770 (both 1.5MP fixed lens SLRs), the Olympus E-10 and E-20 (4.0MP and 5.0MP fixed lens SLRs) and a Canon S-40 (4.0MP compact camera). All the time, the technology was improving in leaps and bounds; getting closer to the goal of producing pictures of the same quality as 35mm film.

In 2004, this was finally realised with the introduction of the Canon 20D. It was one of the first interchangeable lens digital SLRs to offer full 35mm film resolution (8.0MP) and a very film-like image quality. Soon after getting this camera, I sold my 35mm film SLR and have not looked back. The pace of change has been speeding up again and now I've upgraded to a very nice Canon 5D. Finally, a digital SLR with better than 35mm film resolution and a full-frame sensor that allows full use of the standard Canon EF lenses (no magnification factor)!

I also use an amazing little Sanyo C-4 that takes 4MP stills but also records TV quality video in the MPEG-4 format.

In the 9 years since I first played with digital cameras, technology has matured from being a minority curio, used by a few gadget freaks to an every-day tool. Unbelievably, they have completely changed people's view of photography and film is all but dead now... well almost - I still like slide film (for 3D stereo photos!) and the special quality of Polaroid instant photos.

Check back now and then as I'll be changing and updating the 'exhibits' frequently with themed collections of photographs.

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