My name is Peter.

I waste my days tending file and print servers for a furniture company and spend my spare time making the odd video, watching TV, listening to music... and taking photographs.

I'm new to web design and have chosen to use MS Publisher for this first attempt. I doubt I'll ever mess about with HTML directly as Publisher seems to do what I want - it's not as good as when working with paper but can be coaxed into doing a fair job of page layout on the web.

Music-wise I like a lot of stuff but especially
Kate Bush
Judie Tzuke
Peter Gabriel
Irish / Scottish folk music

I'd have made a video of Kate playing live but she hasn't toured since 1979!

If you should feel the need to talk to me (if only to comment on how handsome my cat is) I can be found on most days wandering around the ward - sorry - office at

My own visage is too hideous to put in print so here's a picture of my cat 'Gloves' instead.

Why's he called 'Gloves'? Well he's very soft and when he dies, he'll make an excellent pair of...

Only joking!