Below is a video clip of Judie Tzuke live at the Gardner Arts Centre that I recorded on 3rd April 1998. It's a short exerpt from the track 'Fuel Injection'.

You'll need an MPEG1 player or Active Movie installed to watch the video.

(2.9Mb MPEG1 video 1:02 min.)

I made a 50 minute video out of the footage I shot that night and did it all digitally on my PC at home. For an insight into the world of desktop video see...

  • How it was done... - the making of this video.
  • Photos - still shots from the evening.
  • Go to Judie's web site - lots of great stuff about Jude and links to places where you can buy her albums. Join the mailing list to be sent updates on future tours.

Note: Please do not ask for copies of the video as copyright clearance for this was sought and refused!