Kyou wa, Peter-san wa Doko?

Where's Peter Today?

After a break of some years, the next instalment of the travelling web page has arrived!

The Story So Far…

Back in 2003, when walking around aimlessly in Central London with my sister, Lilian, one October day, we chanced upon the Covent Garden Odeon cinema. We had a couple of hours to kill and there was an interesting poster in the display for a Japanese anime film called "Spirited Away".

Little did I suspect that two hours later, my life would take a new twist…

The film was so unlike any that I had seen before and I was keen to see more from the director, Hayao Miyazaki. I began collecting his films on DVD and soon realised that they were all great and that Japanese animated films and TV series were really something quite special.

Ok - long story, short. I met up with an old work-acquaintance, Antony, and started talking about these films. He went to see "Spirited Away" and also loved it. Round about Christmas-time I was over at his house for a film dinner party with a load of people and that is where the plan to go to Japan was hatched.

On each page you will find a link to the gallery of photos for the day. In the future I hope to add some videos as well but at the moment the files are too big to serve.

So… on to the blog!

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Prepare For Take-Off

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Homeward Bound