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16th Oct 2004: Day 10-- Nagasaki

Leaving Hiroshima, we set off on our last leg of Shinkansen rail travel to Hakata in the city of Fukuoka. From here we would travel by car across the island of Kyushu.

The Mazda rental place was just outside the railway station and we had no trouble in picking up the car. The staff were friendly and spoke English and the forms were the usual fare so were quite easy to fill.

We set off and made what we thought was quite good time until we realised we'd driven about 30km in the wrong direction!

After that we had to take the expressway back across the city and out a way to the West to make up for lost time. The expressways are pretty expensive but do get you to where you want to go to quickly. We got off the toll road at the edge of the city and headed along the coast road to Karatsu and then onwards via Imari and Arita before crossing the bridge to the northern end of the peninsula that Nagasaki city resides on.

Along the way we saw some spectacular scenery and started to get a feel for this rural part of Japan.

Arriving in Nagasaki we had a bit of trouble finding the hotel at first because I didn't have a very good map of it's location and it was dark but in the end we managed to track it down and settled in for the night.

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