Trees and Sky

Trees play a big part in making any landscape. People are surrounded by them (if their lucky) but never really give them much thought. One of my favourite types of photograph is the silhouetted tree against a dramatic sky. I like to use black and white photography a lot for this as you can reduce both elements of the subject matter to pure shapes, something that is impossible to see with our normal colour vision of the World.

Christ embraces Nature

Olympus C-1400L
I'm not actually religious but the image of Christ with trees reflected in the window of Van Poules church outfitters was quite interesting. This is a shop where you buy altars and statues and anything else you could want to fit out a new C of E church. Note that Christ has a price tag on his left hand...

Oak leaves on the sky

Kodak DC120
I took this one at a local park while waiting for a time-lapse video of the sky to complete. The oak leaves look as though they have been put in afterwards as part of a digital montage but the photo is as was taken. I took it under the tree and forced the flash to fire to illuminate the leaves. I didn't guess at the time just how brightly they'd be lit up – I was pleasantly surprised.

Ominous weather at Shoreham

Kodak DC120
One of a series of photos I took while driving west along the south coast of England from Brighton to Littlehampton. All along the way the weather was closing in behind me making a great contrast between the clear skies in the west and the impending storm from the east. This was taken near the Shoreham Airport. Again I've manipulated the contrast to bring out the oppressive light.

Tree in the reservoir

Kodak DC120
Returning from Keith's wedding I stopped at several places along the way, including this water reservoir somewhere in Leicestershire where this dead tree stood in the water as a reminder that this is a man-made lake.

Tree silhouette 980216

Kodak DC120
This was taken in my back garden, early one morning. I was photographing some other stuff when I turned around and saw this scene behind me. I could see the b+w print in my mind like a flash. I removed the blue channel in the image to highlight the clouds and the red glow from the sun behind the shrubs.

Sunrise near Cheddar Gorge

Olympus C-1400L
A fantastic dawn landscape near Cheddar Gorge in Somerset. I slept in the car and then got up at 5am to drive around and look for scenery. The bank of dark cloud was rolling very quickly southwards and the air was extremely cold! This shows off the Olympus at it's best. I took the same shot on 35mm print film and the results were very poor – grainy with rubbish colours…

Sugar Maple tree

Sony DSC-D700
Taken late one afternoon on a highway in Ontario, Canada. This is pretty representative of the almost day-glow colours to be found in October.

Hungerford at dawn (01)

Fuji Sensia II 400, Pentax ME Super, Tamron AF28-300 LDAS
Sunrise over a field on the outskirts of Hungerford. The fog was buring off before my eyes as the sun crept up behind the trees.

Tree in ploughed field (01)

Olympus C-1400L
Sunset over a ploughed field in the middle of Winter. This tree was the only one standing in a bare expanse. Taken somewhere near Epsom, Surrey.

Road to Crombie Point (01)

Olympus C-1400L
A little side road leading to a couple of houses on the Northern banks of the Firth of Forth near Culross in Fife, Scotland. Taken on a cold Spring afternoon after it had been raining. A panorama made from two frames.

Road to Crombie Point (02)

Olympus C-1400L
Single central frame.

Beach Head at Budleigh Salterton

Olympus C-1400L
If you walk right to the end of the beach there is a river outlet from the marshes behind the shingle slope. Here the shingle abruptly stops and the characteristic red stone begins.

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