I don’t really need to introduce this collection. I like cats and take pictures of them. Friends of mine, Bill and Penny's six week old kittens already behaved like miniature adult cats only with much more energy. Obviously, cats expend a lifetime of energy in their first six months as at only one year old, the parents are already couch potatos....

Bill and Hendy

Bill with one year old Hendy. It's doubtful that he's the father of the kittens as the only one that isn't white is a silver tabby and there is a large silver tabby living next door… Draw your own conclusions.

Motor Gunboat 618 (01)

One of the ginger cat's more useful attempts at posing for the camera.

ginger long hair at Shoreham-by-Sea

While taking pictures of house boats in Shoreham-by-Sea, I found this long haired ginger sitting under a sign with some rather complimentary yellow peeling paint in the background. After a couple of shots, the cat decided to pose on the pavement but just didn't appreciate that the colour of his fur didn't go with rippled concrete… but then, what does?

Yoda and Mo 980628 (01)

'NO…! DON'T LOOK!!!'

Mo protects Yoda from the full glare of kitten exploitation for the selling of sports accessories.

Yoda Reebok 980628

Undeterred, Yoda signs up for a lucrative product placement campaign...

Yoda and Mo 980628 (02)

A difference of opinion on the subject ensues...

Kushka 980510 (01)

Whilst Kushka, mother of three, avoids the inevitable press hounds who want to find out how she could allow this to happen to her six-week-old children.

Gloves on the bed 980308 (02)

Gloves, doing what he knows best. Like me he works 9-5, only his job description includes 7 hours sleeping with a break for 1hour of staring out of the window. In fact we're shift workers and it's his turn on the bed.

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